Buyers who want a modern villa will have the possibility (subject to building permit) of erecting a villa with up to 440 sqm (4,736 square feet) of living surface together with a large pool. Note that 45% of the plot has to be left as greenery.


The presented 3D views are not architect drawings (and no planning permission has been applied for) but just a designer view of a 320 sqm (3445 square feet) 4 bedrooms/4 baths villa that could be built on the plot, respecting its size and topology and general planning constraints.

The purpose of these views is to give a good feel of the topology of the plot and how it could be exploited.


As can be seen on the layout plan, this project has an infinity pool and a terrace garden on the location of the current villa. This makes better use of the surface and (flat) profile of the plot. In the 3D views the footprint of the existing villa is indicated in orange or as green lawn. To make the pool an infinity pool the existing villa is razed down to 5 feet above the basement to create a terrace 20 inches (50 cm) the level of the pool and free the view onto the sea.